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Sunday, December 7
A Complete Explanation of the Offside Rule
Here is a great explanation of the offside rule. I would like to thank our president, Scott Denniston, for this great link.

Sunday, December 7
Foot Skills Manual
Here is a great write up on some foot skills that you can teach your team.
Handout: Foot Skills

Sunday, December 7
  • Please do not place sandbags on the net of the 8x24 goals. The nets could rip with undo pressure. The sandbags are to be used on the each side of the goals as anchors and prevent the goals from tipping.
  • Please instruct your players to remove all of their trash and/or water bottles from the sidelines before leaving the fields. We have experienced extra trash on the sidelines and it is easier to maintain the fields if we all respect the fields. I personally have not seen any other fields in traveling soccer that are maintained as much as our soccer complex.
  • If you need some tips or a parent(s) would like to understand the game, follow the link below to obtain some extra documentation.
Handout: Soccer for Parents, U6 - U8 Coaching Manual, U8 - U10 Coaching Manual, Laws of The Game

Sunday, December 7
Training Links and Coaching Plans
Here are some links to help you create coahcing plans for your practices:

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