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October 2014
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id Date Time Location Division Home Away Score Box
2509Sat, 10/04/20148:30 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12A PrescoU11/12C Ehrat  
2510Sat, 10/11/20148:30 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12D FrederickU11/12A Presco  
2511Sat, 10/11/201410:00 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12C EhratU11/12B Shaffer  
2512Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12B ShafferU11/12D Frederick  
2514Sat, 10/18/201410:00 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12A PrescoU11/12B Shaffer  
2515Sat, 10/25/201410:00 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12C EhratU11/12A Presco  
2516Sat, 10/25/20148:30 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12B ShafferU11/12D Frederick  
2517Sat, 10/18/20148:30 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12D FrederickU11/12C Ehrat  
2525Sat, 10/04/201410:20 AMMarwahaU9/10 BoysU9/10W DaubenspeckU9/10Y Mortimer  
2526Sat, 10/11/201410:20 AMMarwahaU9/10 BoysU9/10Z YasikaU9/10W Daubenspeck  
2527Sat, 10/11/201410:20 AMNicholasU9/10 BoysU9/10Y MortimerU9/10X Davis  
2528Sat, 10/04/201410:20 AMNicholasU9/10 BoysU9/10X DavisU9/10Z Yasika  
2530Sat, 10/18/201410:20 AMNicholasU9/10 BoysU9/10W DaubenspeckU9/10X Davis  
2531Sat, 10/25/201410:20 AMMarwahaU9/10 BoysU9/10Y MortimerU9/10W Daubenspeck  
2532Sat, 10/25/201410:20 AMNicholasU9/10 BoysU9/10X DavisU9/10Z Yasika  
2533Sat, 10/18/201410:20 AMMarwahaU9/10 BoysU9/10Z YasikaU9/10Y Mortimer  
2538Sat, 10/04/201411:40 AMNicholasU9/10 GirlsU9/10A DoddU9/10B Covert  
2539Sat, 10/11/201411:40 AMNicholasU9/10 GirlsU9/10B CovertU9/10A Dodd  
2540Sat, 10/18/201411:40 AMMarwahaU9/10 GirlsU9/10A DoddU9/10B Covert  
2541Sat, 10/25/201411:40 AMMarwahaU9/10 GirlsU9/10B CovertU9/10A Dodd  
2549Sat, 10/04/20148:30 AMFounders #3U8 BoysU8W GeibelU8Y Sloboda  
2550Sat, 10/11/20148:30 AMFounders #3U8 BoysU8Z SnowU8W Geibel  
2551Sat, 10/11/20148:30 AMFounders #1U8 BoysU8Y SlobodaU8X Boring  
2552Sat, 10/04/20148:30 AMFounders #1U8 BoysU8X BoringU8Z Snow  
2554Sat, 10/18/20148:30 AMFounders #3U8 BoysU8W GeibelU8X Boring  
2555Sat, 10/25/20148:30 AMFounders #3U8 BoysU8Y SlobodaU8W Geibel  
2556Sat, 10/25/20148:30 AMFounders #1U8 BoysU8X BoringU8Z Snow  
2557Sat, 10/18/20148:30 AMFounders #1U8 BoysU8Z SnowU8Y Sloboda  
2559Sat, 10/25/20148:30 AMFounders #6U8 GirlsU8C BrownU8A Blauser  
2560Sat, 10/04/20148:30 AMFounders #2U8 GirlsU8A BlauserU8D Rock  
2562Sat, 10/18/20148:30 AMFounders #4U8 GirlsU8A BlauserU8H Sarver  
2563Sat, 10/18/20148:30 AMFounders #2U8 GirlsU8B BodamerU8C Brown  
2565Sat, 10/04/20148:30 AMFounders #6U8 GirlsU8B BodamerU8F Smith  
2568Sat, 10/11/20148:30 AMFounders #6U8 GirlsU8F SmithU8C Brown  
2569Sat, 10/04/20148:30 AMFounders #4U8 GirlsU8C BrownU8H Sarver  
2570Sat, 10/18/20148:30 AMFounders #6U8 GirlsU8D RockU8F Smith  
2571Sat, 10/11/20148:30 AMFounders #4U8 GirlsU8H SarverU8D Rock  
2573Sat, 10/11/20148:30 AMFounders #2U8 GirlsU8B BodamerU8A Blauser  
2576Sat, 10/25/20148:30 AMFounders #2U8 GirlsU8F SmithU8B Bodamer  
2580Sat, 10/25/20148:30 AMFounders #4U8 GirlsU8D RockU8H Sarver  
2589Sat, 10/04/201410:30 AMFounders #3U7 BoysU7U RegesU7W Makepeace  
2590Sat, 10/11/201410:30 AMFounders #3U7 BoysU7X OrdyU7U Reges  
2591Sat, 10/11/201410:30 AMFounders #1U7 BoysU7W MakepeaceU7V Goehring  
2592Sat, 10/04/201410:30 AMFounders #1U7 BoysU7V GoehringU7X Ordy  
2594Sat, 10/18/201410:30 AMFounders #3U7 BoysU7U RegesU7V Goehring  
2595Sat, 10/25/201410:30 AMFounders #3U7 BoysU7W MakepeaceU7U Reges  
2596Sat, 10/25/201410:30 AMFounders #1U7 BoysU7V GoehringU7X Ordy  
2597Sat, 10/18/201410:30 AMFounders #1U7 BoysU7X OrdyU7W Makepeace  
2599Sat, 10/25/201410:30 AMFounders #2U7 GirlsU7C BurtnerU7A Price  
2600Sat, 10/04/201410:30 AMFounders #2U7 GirlsU7A PriceU7D Aaron  
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