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October 2014
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id Date Time Location Division Home Away Score Box
2509Sat, 10/04/20148:30 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12A PrescoU11/12C Ehrat  
2514Sat, 10/18/201410:00 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12A PrescoU11/12B Shaffer  
2512Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12B ShafferU11/12D Frederick  
2516Sat, 10/25/20148:30 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12B ShafferU11/12D Frederick  
2511Sat, 10/11/201410:00 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12C EhratU11/12B Shaffer  
2515Sat, 10/25/201410:00 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12C EhratU11/12A Presco  
2510Sat, 10/11/20148:30 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12D FrederickU11/12A Presco  
2517Sat, 10/18/20148:30 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12D FrederickU11/12C Ehrat  
2701Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #1U5 GirlsU5A RudishU5C Delorenzo  
2706Sat, 10/18/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #1U5 GirlsU5A RudishU5B Holt  
2704Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #2U5 GirlsU5B HoltU5D Ernst  
2708Sat, 10/25/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #1U5 GirlsU5B HoltU5D Ernst  
2703Sat, 10/11/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #2U5 GirlsU5C DelorenzoU5B Holt  
2707Sat, 10/25/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #2U5 GirlsU5C DelorenzoU5A Rudish  
2702Sat, 10/11/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #1U5 GirlsU5D ErnstU5A Rudish  
2709Sat, 10/18/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #2U5 GirlsU5D ErnstU5C Delorenzo  
2685Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #1U5 BoysU5W KraynikU5Y Reges  
2690Sat, 10/18/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #2U5 BoysU5W KraynikU5X Noronha  
2688Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #2U5 BoysU5X NoronhaU5Z Minto  
2692Sat, 10/25/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #1U5 BoysU5X NoronhaU5Z Minto  
2687Sat, 10/11/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #2U5 BoysU5Y RegesU5X Noronha  
2691Sat, 10/25/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #2U5 BoysU5Y RegesU5W Kraynik  
2686Sat, 10/11/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #1U5 BoysU5Z MintoU5W Kraynik  
2693Sat, 10/18/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #1U5 BoysU5Z MintoU5Y Reges  
2656Sat, 10/04/201412:30 PMFounders #6U6 GirlsU6A AmeduriU6D Perhacs  
2658Sat, 10/18/201412:30 PMFounders #4U6 GirlsU6A AmeduriU6F Sydlik  
2661Sat, 10/04/201412:30 PMFounders #4U6 GirlsU6B DarneyU6E Slater  
2669Sat, 10/11/201412:30 PMFounders #2U6 GirlsU6B DarneyU6A Ameduri  
2659Sat, 10/18/201412:30 PMFounders #2U6 GirlsU6B DarneyU6C McLister  
2665Sat, 10/04/201412:30 PMFounders #2U6 GirlsU6C McListerU6F Sydlik  
2655Sat, 10/25/201412:30 PMFounders #6U6 GirlsU6C McListerU6A Ameduri  
2666Sat, 10/18/201412:30 PMFounders #6U6 GirlsU6D PerhacsU6E Slater  
2676Sat, 10/25/201412:30 PMFounders #2U6 GirlsU6D PerhacsU6F Sydlik  
2664Sat, 10/11/201412:30 PMFounders #6U6 GirlsU6E SlaterU6C McLister  
2672Sat, 10/25/201412:30 PMFounders #4U6 GirlsU6E SlaterU6B Darney  
2667Sat, 10/11/201412:30 PMFounders #4U6 GirlsU6F SydlikU6D Perhacs  
2626Sat, 10/04/201412:30 PMFounders #7U6 BoysU6S EnglishU6X Zirnsak  
2628Sat, 10/18/201412:30 PMFounders #7U6 BoysU6S EnglishU6Z Shutt  
2631Sat, 10/04/201412:30 PMFounders #5U6 BoysU6T LivermoreU6W Ball  
2633Sat, 10/18/201412:30 PMFounders #5U6 BoysU6T LivermoreU6Y Fielder  
2650Sat, 10/25/201412:30 PMFounders #1U6 BoysU6T LivermoreU6S English  
2639Sat, 10/04/201412:30 PMFounders #1U6 BoysU6U RummelU6Z Shutt  
2637Sat, 10/18/201412:30 PMFounders #3U6 BoysU6U RummelU6X Zirnsak  
2642Sat, 10/04/201412:30 PMFounders #3U6 BoysU6V SzebalskieU6Y Fielder  
2640Sat, 10/18/201412:30 PMFounders #1U6 BoysU6V SzebalskieU6W Ball  
2651Sat, 10/25/201412:30 PMFounders #3U6 BoysU6V SzebalskieU6U Rummel  
2636Sat, 10/11/201412:30 PMFounders #1U6 BoysU6W BallU6U Rummel  
2641Sat, 10/11/201412:30 PMFounders #5U6 BoysU6X ZirnsakU6V Szebalskie  
2652Sat, 10/25/201412:30 PMFounders #7U6 BoysU6X ZirnsakU6W Ball  
2627Sat, 10/11/201412:30 PMFounders #7U6 BoysU6Y FielderU6S English  
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