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September 2014
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id Date Time Location Division Home Away Score Box
2502Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12A PrescoU11/12B Shaffer  
2504Sat, 09/20/201410:00 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12A PrescoU11/12D Frederick  
2505Sat, 09/20/20148:30 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12B ShafferU11/12C Ehrat  
2508Sat, 09/27/20148:30 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12B ShafferU11/12A Presco  
2507Sat, 09/06/20148:30 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12C EhratU11/12D Frederick  
2503Sat, 09/13/201410:00 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12C EhratU11/12A Presco  
2506Sat, 09/13/20148:30 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12D FrederickU11/12B Shaffer  
2513Sat, 09/27/201410:00 AMTW PhillipsU11/12 CoedU11/12D FrederickU11/12C Ehrat  
2694Sat, 09/06/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #1U5 GirlsU5A RudishU5B Holt  
2696Sat, 09/20/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #2U5 GirlsU5A RudishU5D Ernst  
2697Sat, 09/20/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #1U5 GirlsU5B HoltU5C Delorenzo  
2700Sat, 09/27/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #2U5 GirlsU5B HoltU5A Rudish  
2699Sat, 09/06/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #2U5 GirlsU5C DelorenzoU5D Ernst  
2695Sat, 09/13/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #1U5 GirlsU5C DelorenzoU5A Rudish  
2698Sat, 09/13/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #2U5 GirlsU5D ErnstU5B Holt  
2705Sat, 09/27/20149:00 AMChannapati Girls #1U5 GirlsU5D ErnstU5C Delorenzo  
2678Sat, 09/06/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #1U5 BoysU5W KraynikU5X Noronha  
2680Sat, 09/20/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #2U5 BoysU5W KraynikU5Z Minto  
2681Sat, 09/20/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #1U5 BoysU5X NoronhaU5Y Reges  
2684Sat, 09/27/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #2U5 BoysU5X NoronhaU5W Kraynik  
2683Sat, 09/06/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #2U5 BoysU5Y RegesU5Z Minto  
2679Sat, 09/13/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #1U5 BoysU5Y RegesU5W Kraynik  
2682Sat, 09/13/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #2U5 BoysU5Z MintoU5X Noronha  
2689Sat, 09/27/20149:00 AMChannapati Boys #1U5 BoysU5Z MintoU5Y Reges  
2654Sat, 09/06/201412:30 PMFounders #4U6 GirlsU6A AmeduriU6B Darney  
2671Sat, 09/27/201412:30 PMFounders #6U6 GirlsU6A AmeduriU6C McLister  
2673Sat, 09/13/201412:30 PMFounders #6U6 GirlsU6B DarneyU6F Sydlik  
2663Sat, 09/13/201412:30 PMFounders #4U6 GirlsU6C McListerU6D Perhacs  
2675Sat, 09/20/201412:30 PMFounders #6U6 GirlsU6C McListerU6E Slater  
2674Sat, 09/06/201412:30 PMFounders #6U6 GirlsU6D PerhacsU6C McLister  
2670Sat, 09/20/201412:30 PMFounders #2U6 GirlsU6D PerhacsU6A Ameduri  
2660Sat, 09/27/201412:30 PMFounders #2U6 GirlsU6D PerhacsU6B Darney  
2668Sat, 09/06/201412:30 PMFounders #2U6 GirlsU6E SlaterU6F Sydlik  
2657Sat, 09/13/201412:30 PMFounders #2U6 GirlsU6E SlaterU6A Ameduri  
2662Sat, 09/20/201412:30 PMFounders #4U6 GirlsU6F SydlikU6B Darney  
2677Sat, 09/27/201412:30 PMFounders #4U6 GirlsU6F SydlikU6E Slater  
2622Sat, 09/06/201412:30 PMFounders #3U6 BoysU6S EnglishU6T Livermore  
2624Sat, 09/20/201412:30 PMFounders #7U6 BoysU6S EnglishU6V Szebalskie  
2629Sat, 09/20/201412:30 PMFounders #5U6 BoysU6T LivermoreU6U Rummel  
2635Sat, 09/06/201412:30 PMFounders #7U6 BoysU6U RummelU6V Szebalskie  
2623Sat, 09/13/201412:30 PMFounders #1U6 BoysU6U RummelU6S English  
2630Sat, 09/13/201412:30 PMFounders #3U6 BoysU6V SzebalskieU6T Livermore  
2644Sat, 09/06/201412:30 PMFounders #5U6 BoysU6W BallU6X Zirnsak  
2646Sat, 09/20/201412:30 PMFounders #1U6 BoysU6W BallU6Z Shutt  
2625Sat, 09/27/201412:30 PMFounders #5U6 BoysU6W BallU6S English  
2647Sat, 09/20/201412:30 PMFounders #3U6 BoysU6X ZirnsakU6Y Fielder  
2632Sat, 09/27/201412:30 PMFounders #1U6 BoysU6X ZirnsakU6T Livermore  
2649Sat, 09/06/201412:30 PMFounders #1U6 BoysU6Y FielderU6Z Shutt  
2645Sat, 09/13/201412:30 PMFounders #5U6 BoysU6Y FielderU6W Ball  
2638Sat, 09/27/201412:30 PMFounders #3U6 BoysU6Y FielderU6U Rummel  
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